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Caribbean Smoked Turkey Pepperpot

It’s soup season folks and I love this time of year. I’m a real fan of throwing some tasty meat and veg into a pot and ending up with a delicious meal. Much like today’s recipe, Caribbean Smoked Turkey Pepperpot. The smoked turkey is a 2 lb drumstick that is cooked until it falls off the bone. It is then removed from the pot in order to create the soup base and then returned shredded to complete the soup.

Caribbean Smoked Turkey Pepperpot by Diverse Dinners
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Easy No Mixer Pumpkin Bread

It’s pumpkin season. Are you sick of it? In my view pumpkin gets a bad wrap. It’s a delicious squash, beautiful in color and versatile. Pumpkin is great in soups, in desserts and cakes and great as an addition to recipes as a flavoring. Today’s recipe showcases pumpkin’s flavor and color, Easy No Mixer Pumpkin Bread. A moist loaf adorned with shelled pumpkin seeds and turbinado sugar.

Easy No Mixer Pumpkin Bread by Diverse Dinners
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Spicy Pork Tomatillo Stew

Comfort food is my forte. I love eating it and I love cooking it. I mean, who doesn’t love a bowl of some piping hot meat over a serving of rice together with a flavorful gravy? Much like today’s recipe, Spicy Pork Tomatillo Stew. It’s comforting and tastes better with every mouthful.

Spicy Pork Tomatillo Stew by Diverse Dinners
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