Note to self: when traveling and blogging, make sure the wi-fi in the hotel provides enough bandwidth to allow you to do what is required!

Last week, I had great plans to add to my blog while in Miami for the 2015 Caribbean Carnival. I had some well thought out posts to create, all I needed was a comfortable room with a balcony and a view.

Blog Life Week 41

What I didn’t plan for was the one thing that might affect my work – adequate technological capabilities. It never occurred to me that I would have issues, The hotel’s bandwidth didn’t allow me to upload pictures to my site. It was impossible. I was disappointed in myself, I hadn’t planned to ensure I would be able to do what I wanted. 

My trip to Miami was full of changes to the original plan, but I did manage to have a great time.

I wanted to check out a few restaurants while in Miami, but I only managed to make time to eat at one restaurant, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. I take solace in the fact that Yardbird is a wonderful restaurant. It has a cool vibe as soon as you step in. The smell of the food wafts out of the kitchen, which is on full display for guests to enjoy the chef at work.

Blog Life Week 41

I ordered their legendary fried chicken – crazy crispy on the outside, and succulent and Blog Life Week 41Blog Life Week 41melt in your mouth good. I also tried their oh so rich mac and cheese.

I first discovered this restaurant while watching Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel. Yardbird was revered for its epic fried chicken, and they were right. How they manage to arrive at such a crispy and succulent cut of meat, sizzling hot and tasting good, I will never know.

Did I mention that Yardbird does a terrific spicy margarita too?


Well they do. So much so that I plan on trying to duplicate the recipe.  Freddie, our bartender, muddled the liquid ingredients with sliced jalapeño, which seemed to fuse the spicy with the sweet perfectly. Two thumbs up. I can’t wait to make my version and share it with you.

I have more to share on my trip to Miami – coming soon.

Blog life week 41