Miami Caribbean Carnival was so much fun again this year. I try to go every year to shake up my behind to the latest soca music, bask in the Florida sunshine and enjoy the traditional Caribbean food on offer.

Blog Life Week 42

I took a walk around to see what everyone was selling, check out those turkey legs – they look amazing right? The food at this stall was Latin inspired and smelled so good. 

Blog Life Week 42The paella on the right was a strong seller, The chef in the pic was working on a group order for a family, he was very focused. There was an extremely long line for his food. Customers waited patiently for a portion of something good.

Blog Life Week 42D J Bird managed to get a prime location at the carnival and also every event I attended. Their food was great, especially the Bake & Shark – a fried biscuit filled will deep fried shark nuggets coated in a plethora of sauces including my favorite, traditional Caribbean hot pepper sauce. Bake & Shark and a rum cocktail is my Caribbean party must have. Yes sir it is!

Blog Life Week 42I made sure that wherever I was, a cocktail could be obtained, and my cocktail of choice was white rum and coconut water. This wonderful fellow provided me with cups and cups of coconut water.

As you can see almost all of the consumed coconuts were split so that their customers could enjoy the flesh of the coconut too. I confess I skipped this opportunity as I was more interested in perfecting my cocktail mix and moving on to the next band to enjoy the music than getting my essential nutrients – hangs head in shame…

I met so many wonderful people, mostly Caribbean people who now live in the US and others whose family originated from the Caribbean, and live in the US, like me. Everyone was there to just have fun and enjoy the carnival, we had so much fun – did I say that already? 

So I leave you with Solange, a wonderful young lady, sweet natured and fun-loving. Check out her moves, she was taking a break from dancing with her band when I went over to appreciate her costume. She is such a sweet soul.

Blog life week 42