Halloween is upon us, do you plan on cooking something to theme this weekend?

Blog Life Week 44

I really don’t like food that looks ugly, ghoulish broths with eyes in it or meatloaf made to look like rotting feet. I mean really! I happened to catch Tyra Banks’ new show on ABC yesterday, I only watched for a few minutes, and the feature at that time was – inventive Halloween recipes using pumpkins. They had a nicely carved jack-o-lantern with a wide open smile and guacamole spewing out of that smile. Not an image I was comfortable with I can tell you. Although the presenters and their audience were totally excited by the idea. Maybe I have a missing ghoul chip.

Here’s a few links to recipes I am comfortable with and would like to try. Hopefully, one or two will give you inspiration.

Ghostly Meringues from Lorraine Pascale

Hot Buttered (& Boozy) Cider from Beckham + Belle

Fully Loaded Black Bean Nacho with Red and Green Salsas from Bon Appétit

Dinner in a Pumpkin from My Man’s Belly

Snickers Lava Mug Cake from No Spoon Necessary


Blog Life Week 44 – Happy Halloween