I look forward to the NYC Marathon every year, I have a birds eye view as the route goes by my apartment. Preparation for the NYC Marathon starts early every year on the Sunday morning of the marathon, if I don’t get enough rest the night before then it’s tough cheese for me. Tables are strategically placed for volunteers to hand out water and bananas, and throngs of people come to take their place to cheer on their family and friends, and well just anyone who is taking part.

Here’s three of the front runners surrounded by cameramen and police – isn’t this awesome?!

NYC Marathon 2015 (seven)


These guys didn’t even stop for water, they just kept their determined pace passing by crowds taking photos and cheering them on.

NYC Marathon 2015 (five)

Every year it’s the same, a few hours later a crowd of runners develop, and the music begins. DJs from WBLS FM radio station share the stage with a band as they entertain the crowd and cheer on the runners, shouting out their names encouraging them to keep going and complete the course. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of the crowd, doing your best to keep the runners going.


It’s awe-inspiring to see their faces and bodies showing signs of fatigue, but still feel the determination in their spirit as they go by.

NYC Marathon 2015 (four)This year, the marathon had a new significance for me. Watching these runners venturing by determined to finish the course, not in the hope of winning, but simply finishing, achieving their goals reminded me so much of my journey as a food blogger.  

NYC Marathon 2015 (three)

I decided to venture into food blogging because I thought I would be great at it, I’m a great cook, everyone loves my food, so what could be easier I thought. But food blogging isn’t easy, you have to put a lot of time into it, blood, sweat and maybe even some tears to achieve something that hopefully others will find interesting and worthy of replicating. 

I know there are great food bloggers out there, way ahead of me and who have been blogging for years, but I don’t let that deter me, I simply look to them for inspiration and maybe an idea or two, no doubt the same mindset as many of the runners in my pictures above.

Although it has only been nine months since I started my blog, I have already had a great ride. I have met so many wonderful and interesting people, ready to share their tips and tricks to help me on my way. These few months have been so much fun, and I am determined as these runners were on November 1 to continue my journey.

I must admit though that sometimes I feel like I am out there with only a few alongside me, with everyone else way ahead of me, enjoying the fruits of their labor, while I continue to toil and make good on what I’ve learned and shared. But still, like these runners, in the dark, pushing through their pain, I will continue to do the same.

NYC Marathon 2015 (ten)

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