Summer in New York is almost over folks. Did you have fun?

I sure did, and I still plan on eeking out as much fun as possible before the weather cools. 

For those of you preparing for labor day, perhaps you plan on serving burgers to your family and friends. I do hope so, because I will be sharing some lip-smacking examples of burger splendor as part of my burger lab series. Burger, burger, burger!


Burger Lab Series


Working on burger recipes has been a lot of fun. It’s the final furlong of my burger lab series and I’m a little sad to be working on the last of the recipes for this project.

Some of you have responded by confirming your favorites and my family and friends have been too happy to be my crash tastebud dummies. I think this project has been a win for all concerned.

My burger lab series had just one requirement, each burger must include ground beef. I’m doing this to confirm my preferred burger blend and ultimately decide which example reigns supreme.

I’ve researched what some of the top chefs suggest a great burger blend should consist of, and I’ve used examples of those blends in my recipes. This final furlong will help me to decide on how to prepare my preferred burger blend. See the post slider above to check out some of those I have already created.

If you plan on serving burgers this labor day, keep your eyes peeled for more recipes.