It’s time to introduce my new project – “Burger Lab Series”, just in time for Memorial Day.

I have been furiously working on perfecting my favorite burger. Note what I say here. Not the perfect burger, but instead my favorite burger. There are too many celebrity chefs out there who have won the crown for the perfect burger, so I don’t feel the need to dispel or confirm their recipes, their needs and burger purities are not mine. I am keen to know though what’s required to make a magnificent burger. So I developed a bunch of recipes and tested them, and tested them, and the result is some really tasty burgers. 

Burger Lab Series by Diverse DinnersI haven’t found my ultimate burger as yet, I’m still testing to confirm whether I prefer a seasoned burger filled with onions and herbs or whether I’m a purist and only require salt and pepper. Do I prefer ground chuck over sirloin or another cut of ground beef? I think so, but I’m not done testing. Working on creating a fine burger is like a dance, and as you would expect, I’ve had much fun.

I’m sharing the progress I’ve made to date, as you might like to test the recipes I have come up with to see if you agree with my choices. You will have plenty of time in which to test my burger recipes, burger lab series is to be an ongoing project until fall and I will share these recipes prior the holidays – Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. This is going to be fun!

By the time the sun has decided to leave New York, I would like to have found the ideal ground meat, cooking practice and complementing ingredients that will make my ultimate burger.

Keep your eyes open for alerts if you are a subscriber, or check my many social media pages for the first installment.

I hope you will join me on my quest and try out one or two of my recipes.