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Fruit Tart

Imagine you and your partner reading the paper, or a book, or magazine on your handheld devices, sipping your favorite hot beverages and sinking your teeth into flaky pastry topped with fresh fruit. What a great way to start the day – right? Today’s recipe is a simple fruit tart, it’s ideal for an easy morning that doesn’t require much movement for an hour our two. It takes very little effort to make, and I’m certain it will be a regular feature when you have the luxury of time.

No need to panic about the pastry, I didn’t make it from scratch. I just bought a packet of pre-made frozen puff pastry. All I had to do was defrost as directed. So easy.


Fruit Tart by Diverse Dinners

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Port Poached Pears

Port poached pears are such a treat and a great end to a holiday dinner. If you’re planning a heavy complex holiday dinner, perhaps you would like a simple desert that looks beautiful but requires very little effort. Port poached pears deliver in that regard, they look impressive and pack a tasty punch, and so easy to create. Another bonus is that you can make these port poached pears a day in advance and serve them hot or cold, all you need to do is decide when to serve. 


Port Poached Pears by Diverse Dinners

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Apple Crumble

I think apple crumble was the first thing I cooked in high school.  I had a class called Home Economics, where we were taught not only how to cook, but how to run a home. Very provincial – right? Nonetheless, I was taught well. My apple crumble is a thing of beauty. This baby will melt in your mouth, but not before alerting all your other senses to take note and enjoy!

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Meyer Lemon Cake

This meyer lemon cake should be delivered with a disclaimer. “Taste At Your Peril.”

If you are a lover of lemon cake, then I implore you to give this one a try. I must admit that baking isn’t really my forte. I’m a savory girl – steaks, slow cooked meats; soups, rib sticking fare, but lately I’ve felt the urge to create something sweet at least once a week. It’s a very odd feeling as I’m always excited about creating a meal, or a sexy cocktail, but I’ve never felt compelled to pull out the hand mixer my mother uses when she comes to visit and whip up something sweet. I guess the change is due to the constant scanning of food porn sites. There are so many great bakers out there doing fabulous things with flour, eggs, sugar and butter, so I guess I caught the bug. I stumbled upon a wonderfully appealing coconut and lemon cake a little while ago created by Laura of a girl & her home, a food and travel blog, and saved it on my Pinterest page for recreation.

You’ll see that my recipe is very different to Laura’s but her recipe was the inspiration. I have never met nor spoken with Laura, isn’t it odd how a stranger’s recipe can speak to you and compel you to recreate it? I hope I can affect people in that way.

This meyer lemon cake is easy and simple, aside from the ingredients all you’ll need is a 9 inch loaf pan and a mixer.  As I mentioned, I used a hand mixer and I think a mechanical mixer is needed to arrive at the right consistency.

Thankfully decorating the cake is easy peasy, heavy handed folk need not worry as a delicate touch isn’t required. The glaze consists of two ingredients and lemon peel strips for garnish are simple to achieve.  Check out the 2010 YouTube video from la cucina di terrESa for guidance on how to create them.

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