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PopUp Dinner Brooklyn

Instead of cooking for the blog this weekend, I found myself cooking for PopUp Dinner Brooklyn. An outdoor dinner with musical entertainment by Handmade Events.

They provide the chairs and tables, and the attendees bring everything else. Food, drink, tablecloth and napkins and everything else needed to enjoy a slap up meal with friends.


PopUp Dinner Brooklyn 2017 by Diverse Dinners


PopUp Brooklyn Dinner 2017 by Diverse Dinners

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Fun Times in the Fall

So what the heck is Diverse Dinners up to? Well, I’ve been having fun times in the fall!

But I’m guilt-ridden, as I imagine you, my wonderful readers, are disappointed with my recent absence.

I dreamt the other night, that a new popular hashtag had been created – #wheresdiversedinnersat?! The hashtag was created by my readers who are up on the current culture vibe. My readers who could care less about pop culture had created the hashtag #wheretheheckisdiversedinners. Both were trending – then I woke up!

For those of you who have felt neglected, I’m so sorry. Life has truly got in the way the past few months, resulting in some very quiet time here at Diverse Dinners. 

What’s been great about my time away from my blog is that my silence wasn’t a waste. I’ve been traveling, visiting some of my favorite places and adding new ones to the list.

So, as a steadfast mea culpa, I will share my travels with you. I’ve had a great time, it has been nothing but truly fun times in the fall and I hope my travel experiences entice you to travel somewhere fun soon.


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Dinner by the River in New York City

We still have great weather in New York, and as long as the weather is good, I will take the opportunity to have dinner by the river. If you live in New York or plan to be in New York any time soon, here’s my top three places to eat, that you might want to visit, if you’re in the mood for dinner by the river in New York City.

1. Industry Kitchen

Address: 70 South St, New York, NY 10005


Dinner at South Street Seaport is a lot of fun. I especially enjoy having lunch or dinner there when I have a party to attend at Pier 15. I line my stomach, while I enjoy the view – perfect.

Dinner by the River in New York City - Industry Kitchen by Diverse Dinners

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Burger Lab Series

Summer in New York is almost over folks. Did you have fun?

I sure did, and I still plan on eeking out as much fun as possible before the weather cools. 

For those of you preparing for labor day, perhaps you plan on serving burgers to your family and friends. I do hope so, because I will be sharing some lip-smacking examples of burger splendor as part of my burger lab series. Burger, burger, burger!


Burger Lab Series

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Burger Lab Series

It’s time to introduce my new project – “Burger Lab Series”, just in time for Memorial Day.

I have been furiously working on perfecting my favorite burger. Note what I say here. Not the perfect burger, but instead my favorite burger. There are too many celebrity chefs out there who have won the crown for the perfect burger, so I don’t feel the need to dispel or confirm their recipes, their needs and burger purities are not mine. I am keen to know though what’s required to make a magnificent burger. So I developed a bunch of recipes and tested them, and tested them, and the result is some really tasty burgers. 

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