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Guava Mango Carrot Juice

Guava Mango Carrot Juice is packed full of antioxidants. I love it right now because it helps build the immune system, it also tastes so good. My schedule for the next few months is all go and I cannot afford to get a cold. So, I will be enjoying many glasses of this juice to protect me from cruelties of the common cold.

Guava Mango Carrot Juice by Diverse Dinners
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Detox Charcoal Lemonade

The temperature has been consistently high in New York and everyone is taking advantage of the nice weather. My friends and family have been spending their weekends out at the beach, in bars and restaurants, and whooping it up at parties. I know, nothing new here, but what about after the festivities? How do we get our body back on track after copious amounts of frosé, beers and pitchers of margaritas? Huh? No worries, I have it, just one glass of Detox Charcoal Lemonade should do the trick.



Detox Charcoal Lemonade by Diverse Dinners

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Blood Orange Carrot Turmeric Detox Juice

Almost everyone I speak with is doing their best to become fitter and healthier, and looking for meals and juices that help them reach their goals and increase their well-being. A detox juice is a smart way to help with well-being. So I worked on a recipe using turmeric, a great all-round healer, to create a daily detox juice. Here it is, Blood Orange Carrot Turmeric Detox Juice. 


Blood Orange Carrot Turmeric Detox Juice by Diverse Dinners

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Pineapple Wheatgrass Shots

I had a great idea to incorporate wheatgrass shots into my diet. The plan was to start the day with a couple of wheatgrass shots and reap the benefits.  Boost of energy, agile mind, and improved digestion to name a few. I bought 6 oz of wheatgrass, juiced it, removed the frothy top layer and threw the first shot down my throat. Now, I was aware that wheatgrass has a bitter after taste, but my oh my, my taste buds were not ready for that kind of bitter – I just couldn’t willingly chuck another shot down my throat. Thus pineapple wheatgrass shots were born, and now my preferred method of imbibing wheatgrass.

Pineapple Wheatgrass Shots by Diverse Dinners

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Ginger Cucumber Apple Detox Juice

On my quest for a more disciplined life, I’ve injected a twice weekly detox juice into my diet. A juice that helps release the toxins from my body and also work on my wavering digestive system. Strangely, this juice derived from a request from my friend Trevor, for a ginger cucumber juice with pimento. He wanted me to make him a sweet and spicy concoction with a mound of sugar. Don’t worry I resisted, I just couldn’t create a sickly sweet drink and hail it as a juice that provides benefit to the body. So here’s what I ended up with, a ginger cucumber apple detox juice. It is exactly what I need, a gloriously tasty juice that aids the body, hopefully Trevor will love it too.

Ginger Cucumber Apple Detox Juice by Diverse Dinners

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Mango Ginger Lemonade

Warm days and warm nights call for my mango ginger lemonade. A rich and subtly sweet lemonade with a ginger kick.

Mango Ginger Lemonade

I made some on Memorial Day for my family and friends, some requested a little spike and others preferred to have it plain as is. For some spike, I’d suggest adding either vodka or a white rum. Vodka will just add the kick you need, but as white rum is mostly sugar cane based it will add another dimension to the lemonade, really round out the flavor.

I used champagne mangoes which are also called Atualfo mangoes in Mexico, or honey or baby mangoes. They are small kidney shaped with golden yellow skins and velvety flesh and have an intensely sweet taste when ripe. The pit in the middle of the fruit is flat, so it’s easier to cut and extract the flesh. If you need help on how to slice or dice a mango click here.

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Green Juice

Its a Green Juice morning…

I really wish I could stick to a juicing and souping food plan, I think I’d really see some results, weight loss and well being.  But alas I am still drawn to a cheeky cocktails and high salt, high fat appetizers.  All I need is the slightest hint of a celebration and my healthy eating plan is sunk!  So I’m starting again, drawing a line under my wanton ways and resolve to stick to my juicing and souping plan.  So join me, here’s a my favorite juice of all time, it gives me a zip and pep in my step and is absolutely delicious.


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