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Hearty Burger with Soppressata

Once summer is over and the nights begin to get cooler I crave a hearty burger. Tasty ground beef, 80% lean, fashioned into a burger, cloaked with complementary flavors and encased in a quality bun. That’s our recipe for today folks, a Hearty Burger with Soppressata. A very filling burger that will likely push your appetite to its limits but leave with you with a smile on your face.

Hearty Burger with Soppressata by Diverse Dinners
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Stilton Burger

To celebrate Father’s Day, I have a super tasty burger recipe to share with you, Stilton Burger.  This burger is a mix of ground angus beef and bison – a wonderful mix you are sure to love. The burger is placed on a bed of spinach and topped with the distinctive and remarkable Stilton blue cheese, and encased in a potato bun. Happy Father’s Day all!


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Jalapeno Sliders with Queso and Beef Bacon

Today’s recipe is jalapeno sliders with queso and beef bacon, an ideal dish for sharing with friends and family.

Hopefully, by now, you are enjoying the summer, and having fun in the sun. I know I am. If you’re looking for an tasty new slider recipe for your next get together, or just a casual dinner for the family, jalapeno sliders with queso and beef bacon will not disappoint, so check out this recipe.


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Bourbon BBQ Sliders with Coleslaw

It’s Labor Day Weekend folks, and I know many of you are planning gatherings with friends and family. A great way to keep their hunger at bay is to serve sliders. They’re usually my preference over burgers. They’re just a lot less cumbersome to eat, and you don’t feel overwhelmed at the prospect of eating them. So for this Labor Day Weekend why don’t you serve bourbon bbq sliders with coleslaw? They’re tremendously tasty.


Bourbon BBQ Sliders with Coleslaw by Diverse Dinners

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Burger Lab Series

Summer in New York is almost over folks. Did you have fun?

I sure did, and I still plan on eeking out as much fun as possible before the weather cools. 

For those of you preparing for labor day, perhaps you plan on serving burgers to your family and friends. I do hope so, because I will be sharing some lip-smacking examples of burger splendor as part of my burger lab series. Burger, burger, burger!


Burger Lab Series

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