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Mushroom Ricotta Pappardelle

Finding meat free dishes that I enjoy is not always easy.  I am a true meat lover, but I do like to take a day off from eating meat once in a while. So I worked on a pasta dish so that I would have something hearty to eat on those days I wanted to avoid meat. It’s mushroom ricotta pappardelle, a fantastic meat free meal. It’s hearty, extremely flavorful, and full of texture. I love it, and you’re going to love it too.

Mushroom Ricotta Pappardelle by Diverse Dinners

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Five Cheese Truffle Mac and Cheese

I haven’t met a sole who doesn’t love truffle mac and cheese, I imagine those same folks would also love five cheese truffle mac and cheese – right? Granted, it’s a little more cheesy, but if you’re afraid of extra cheese, I don’t think mac and cheese is your gig.

The recipe I’m sharing with you today is a fantastic cheesy marvel with a gooey fall apart base rising to a denser crunchy top courtesy of my friend, panko breadcrumbs. You’re gonna love this.

Truffle Mac and Cheese by Diverse Dinners

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Radiatori with Sweet Italian Sausage

Radiatori with sweet Italian sausage and a glass of Barolo – oh yes, we’ve arrived in Happyland!

I would file this dish in the “comfort food splendor” section.  Just get yourself a big bowl of radiatori with sweet Italian sausage, and a comparably sized glass of Barolo and sit on your sofa, in front of the TV. Don’t read a book or your iPad, don’t noodle on your laptop. Just sit and enjoy the flavors of your radiatori with sweet Italian sausage, and sip on some wine, that’s all you need to do, and you will be happy, very happy. Look at this…

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Salmon Linguine with Arugula

My indulgent salmon linguine, has no respect for calorie counters, so you folks will have to sacrifice if you want to partake in this dish.  

My date loves this meal, so I would suggest you give it a try.  You could definitely makes this on date night at your place, it’s so easy to bring together and you’ll look like a gourmet.

This dish needs white wine to complement it.  You can feed each other and ply your date with wine.  

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