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Detox Charcoal Lemonade

The temperature has been consistently high in New York and everyone is taking advantage of the nice weather. My friends and family have been spending their weekends out at the beach, in bars and restaurants, and whooping it up at parties. I know, nothing new here, but what about after the festivities? How do we get our body back on track after copious amounts of frosé, beers and pitchers of margaritas? Huh? No worries, I have it, just one glass of Detox Charcoal Lemonade should do the trick.



Detox Charcoal Lemonade by Diverse Dinners

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Lime Laced Brussels Sprouts

Today’s recipe is lime laced brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts sautéd in grape seed oil, doused in lime juice and topped with lime scented ricotta – yum!

Brussels sprouts are all the rage right now. You will be hard pressed not to see them on a restaurant menu these days. My family and friends have caught the bug, and they have become mine and my niece’s alternative to fries. So I thought it time to post another brussels sprouts recipe. 

Lime Laced Brussels Sprouts by Diverse Dinners

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Baked Fresh Boneless Ham

Easter is on its way. If you observe Easter, perhaps you’re planning a meal for your loved ones. Ham is always a crowd pleaser, it’s rich with flavors and there’s always so much of it. Today’s recipe, is not the usual pre-cooked ham that requires little effort to get it onto your family’s plate. This recipe is baked fresh boneless ham. No curing, smoking, or salting has taken place, you have to apply the flavors, and make this dish your own. Now don’t be scared – it’s a lot of fun!

Baked Fresh Boneless Ham by Diverse Dinners

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Spicy Crusted Cod

I am exhausted. I have been so busy, I’ve barely had time to relax and enjoy a good meal. I’ve endured mediocre take out meals for the entire week, and by Thursday, my digestive system was completely shot. I promised myself that Sunday would be the day I would eat something from my own kitchen, a meal that was tasty but that was quick to make so that I could rest and relax a little more. Oh, and something that didn’t come out of a plastic container. That meal was spicy crusted cod – delicious.

Spicy Crusted Cod by Diverse Dinners

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