A food blogger needs discipline. There’s much to do every day to make a food blog a success. A plan is necessary, a program of some sort to build audience. A food blogger has to keep at it, regularly, to see the fruits of their labor. My blog has really helped me conquer some of my issues with discipline, but I still have much to do. Hence today’s post – Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger.

Discipline has never been my strong suit, I think that’s why I prefer to cook savory foods rather than sweet. Most great meat or vegetable dishes do not require precise measuring of ingredients, but desserts are a much different animal, the slightest adaptation to a recipe can render your dish a failure. Check out my attempt at mini cheesecakes.

Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger by Diverse Dinners

If there was a competition for the most sunken cheesecakes in town I would most certainly win. My problem here was over-whipping the batter. I knew I was over-whipping the batter with my hand mixer, it’s low setting isn’t that much different to the higher settings, but did that stop me? No, because I lack discipline. 

My lack of discipline as an adult, may have something to do with the fact that discipline was a very important factor growing up as a child. Rules were a major element at home. It was my mother’s way or the highway! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my mother steered her family ship with a sturdy rod of strength and obedience. I wouldn’t be me otherwise. My mother is my queen, and without her I would be no one.

When I left home to start life on my own, I made new rules – NO RULES!

Now that I think about it, I have lived my life, whenever I can, with as little rules as possible. I’ve been happy, very happy, there is little that has been in my grasp that I haven’t been able to achieve, but my predisposition to live a carefree life has resulted in a grown woman with very little discipline. I’m single with no children, so I’ve never had to really sacrifice or put my dreams on hold in any way for the sake or benefit of others. I guess, you could describe me as spoiled, if you like. I’m still very close to my family though, but no one needs me stop what I’m doing and be there for them – well not yet anyways.

This year, I’ve decided to hack away at my yen for a no holds barred life and apply more discipline with a plan to accomplishing my goals. Here they are:

  1. Build my blog audience – I have done so much research to find the secret to building my blog audience, and I will continue to soldier on, until I get to the numbers so many heralded food bloggers get every day.
  2. Lose weight and become fitter – I have been struggling with my weight for some time, but now that I’m always in the kitchen testing and sharing recipes, my waistline and cute chubby cheeks are expanding further. I must get into the habit of exercising regularly and giving away more of what I make!
  3. Make more money – I just want more money, who doesn’t?

These are my top 3 concerns for 2016, which require much discipline. I will update you as I chip away at my obstacles, and update you on my progress with my disciplined journey to accomplished food blogger.

Are you wondering where the 12th cheesecake is? Well, it’s IN MY BELLY! My cheesecakes may be sunken over-whipped failures but they taste awesome. They’re creamy and delightful with a tasty ginger snap crust. I will strive on to perfect this recipe, and share it with you as soon as I do.