Garlic Chive Avocado Dip is nice and simple to make and very tasty. It’s the perfect no need to cook appetizer that will satisfy you and your guests until you are ready to serve the next course.

Garlic Chive Avocado Dip by Diverse Dinners

Garlic Chive Avocado Dip can be served with bread, veggies, chips, whatever you desire. It can also serve as a condiment for sandwiches too. Feel free to experiment with it.

I’m a real fan of garlic chives, they look like blades of grass. They have a garlic taste and scent, of course, but it’s subtle, they don’t have that zing you get from a clove of garlic. I get a pretty large bunch from my grocery store, so I use them in almost everything, to flavor salads, rice dishes, omelets, you name it. Nonetheless, if you are unable to find garlic chives you can use regular chives.

Word to the wise, do not let your garlic chives get wet, keep them dry and protected in the fridge. If garlic chives get wet, they stick together and will eventually begin to rot. Rotting garlic chives is not a pleasant smell, you will notice it as soon as you open the fridge. Yikes its pungent.

Garlic Chive Avocado Dip is great as a passed hors d’oeuvre. You can whip round a room providing small satisfying bites and a swipe of dip in no time at all. It’s so quick and easy it will allow you more time to work on other dishes to keep your guests happy. Quick and easy is good sometimes, especially when you have guests with a hearty appetite in need of something to shove in their mouths pronto.

If you’re wondering what I served with my batch of Garlic Chive Avocado Dip, well wonder no more. It is half of a fougasse loaf, it’s similar to focaccia, sprinkled with rosemary, thyme and sea salt. A full loaf will serve four people.



119 cal


9 g


4 g


2 g
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Serves 8

Garlic Chive Avocado Dip

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • 2 large haas avocados (diced)
  • 16 oz sour cream
  • 1 cup garlic chives (chopped)
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Equipment & Utensils
  • Food processor


  1. Place avocado, sour cream and garlic chives in a food processor and mix on medium speed.
  2. Pour in lime juice slowly and continue to mix until lime juice is incorporated.
  3. Remove cover from food processor and sprinkle in some salt and pepper.
  4. Mix thoroughly then transfer to serving dish.