These thin cut, easy to prepare, lime laced short ribs are a treat. Just marinate in lime juice, soy sauce, honey and scallions. grill each side until a little charred and they’re ready to eat.

Lime Laced Short Ribs by Diverse Dinners


If you don’t want to fuss with your grill, you can cook them under the broiler. Once the short ribs are marinated they take minutes to cook, no matter how you choose to cook them.

I love these thin short ribs, often referred to as Korean short ribs, they make for a perfect quick meal anytime of the day or night. The recipe below serves two, so it’s perfect for you and your loved one. Spending time together isn’t interrupted by a gastronomic event.

Lime laced short ribs are a subtle blend of flavors. The lime breaks down the fibers of the meat during marinating and mixed with soy sauce, honey and scallions, leaves behind only the character of the lime rather than an overpowering zing.

If you are uncertain about what to serve your lime laced ribs with, then never fear. You can serve them with almost anything. Popular matchings are salad, rice or potatoes. As you can see, I served mine with fried sweet potato noodles. I bought the sweet potato noodles already prepared, so the entire meal was truly quick and easy. A true time-saver. 

You can serve as bite-size hors d’oeuvres just cut with a sharp knife either side of each bone. 



Lime Laced Short Ribs by Diverse Dinners


I usually buy these short ribs when they’re on sale and keep them in the freezer. 1lb amounts to approx. 5-6 short ribs which is a decent portion for one person. You can split the recipe in half and cook for one, and enjoy after work by yourself. Just marinate the short ribs the night before, and they will be ready to pop under the broiler as soon as you are ready.


Lime Laced Short Ribs


  • 1/2 cup lime juice
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2 scallions sliced
  • 2 lbs thin cut short ribs
  • Lime zest to garnish


  • Whisk lime juice, soy sauce and honey together then add scallions
  • Place short ribs in a resealable bag and then pour marinade on top.
  • Remove as much air from the bag as you can and then seal it.
  • Massage short ribs and marinade together and then place in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  • Remove short ribs from resealable bag once marinated.
  • Cook on the grill or under the broiler until slightly charred on both sides (approx. 4-6 minutes each side).
  • Garnish with lime zest and serve immediately.