This year’s Valentine’s Day fortuitously falls on a Sunday. I’m sure restauranteurs are clapping their hands at the opportunity to not only earn money hand over fist from couples celebrating Valentine’s Day over a fabulous dinner, but also a further opportunity to do the same for brunch, and take single folk’s money too. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is great. I think having a day to celebrate your love is wonderful, even if your love is no one else but you – a single valentine.

Single Valentine

That’s what I’m having this year – a single valentine’s. I have received many evites suggesting I bring my friends to their restaurant for a singles brunch party, offering easily prepared dishes outbalanced by bottomless mimosas, and top DJs who promise to supply the cool, hip vibe. Valentine’s Day has something for all.

I won’t be binge drinking over eggs this year. I will be very much on my own this Valentine’s Day. Now don’t be sad for me, I’m quite excited about the day. I have big plans. Check out my plan for a single valentine’s.

Valentine’s Day Morning:

  • After shower – a nice cup of M&S Gold tea (a gift from my niece) with a fruit pastry, while I work on my blog.

Valentine’s Day Afternoon:

  • A chicken quinoa or rice bowl with a glass of Perrier Jouet while I watch Casablanca.
  • An invigorating salt scrub and then a relaxing bath with another glass of Perrier Jouet, and another classic movie. Perhaps The Way We Were or An Affair to Remember.

Valentine’s Day Night:

  • Ribeye with sweet potato fries with a glass of Chateauneuf du Pape
  • Then it’s party time!

◊ Start with my favorite love songs : Jill Scott, Adele, Sade, Duffy, Frank Ocean.

◊ Segue into my favorite sing along songs: Peter Gabriel, Coldplay, Sia, Frankie Beverly & Maze

◊ Finally, time to get moving: Jay-Z, Kanye, Prince, Kendrick Lamar, George Michael, Peven Everett

It will be a fun Valentine’s Day enjoying my favorite food, drinks, movies and music. What are your plans?