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Sea Salt Caramel Doughnuts

I have many friends who enjoy a little indulgence during the holidays, but would prefer their indulgence came in the form of bite-size treats to avoid calorie overload. So I thought I should create a sweet treat to cater to that desire. Sea salt caramel doughnuts are a simple treat. They are so yummy, sticky, and indulgent. You’ll love them, and they will go over really well during the holidays.


Sea Salt Caramel Doughnuts by Diverse Dinners

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Apple Parsnip Soup

For a holiday dinner, a bowl of soup is always a good idea as the first course. That’s why I decided to share my recipe for apple parsnip soup. It’s a great opener to a meal, and a delight as part of a holiday meal.

Apple parsnip soup is a subtle soup with lots of texture which rates high on the comfort factor. A small bowl is all you need to serve to open up your guests’ appetites, which should get them a little excited and ready for everything else you have on the menu.


Apple Parsnip Soup by Diverse Dinners

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