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Spinach Bacon Strawberry Crostini

I love an appetizer or canapé that provides a really interesting opener to a meal or cocktail party. Something that requires little effort, saving your culinary strengths for the main course or more complex bites. Spinach bacon strawberry crostini ticks all those boxes, and because of its mix of meat and fruit, never fails to surprise those who are lucky enough to get a taste.


Spinach Bacon Strawberry Crostini by Diverse Dinners

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Yellowtail Amuse Bouche

An amuse bouche is a fun way to start off a meal, and great when you have dinner guests. It’s a conversation starter, and gets your guests excited about what’s to come. Today’s recipe, is an amuse bouche ideal for large celebratory meals and events – yellowtail amuse bouche.

Yellowtail amuse bouche is seared yellowtail, wrapped in mirin soaked carrots on top of chimichurri sauce, adorned with a scallion spear – delightful, don’t you agree?


Yellowtail Amuse Bouche by Diverse Dinners

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Curried Turkey Endive Salad Bites

The holiday season is full of high salt, high fat dishes, that applies girth and weight. Now, I’m not complaining, nor do I suggest you dispense with your favorite dishes. But if you are interested in adding something with minimal fat, but still packs a very tasty punch, try my curried turkey endive salad bites. They are delicious.


Curried Turkey Endive Salad Bites by Diverse Dinners

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