Currently, I can’t get enough red kale and endive, every time I sink my teeth into those greens, I feel as if I’m replenishing my body, guarding against disease and strengthening my immune system. To be frank, I feel really pleased with myself.

I’ve been sharing my red kale and endive stash with family and friends when they visit, and my most recent visitors, my mother and niece, had the pleasure of tasting my apple salad.

I sense a furrowed brow – I’ve been banging on about kale and endive and now I mention that I shared an apple salad. Well, my apple salad consists of red kale, endive and apple, laced with rice vinegar and olive oil. The reason I call it apple salad is because the kale and endive take a back seat to the apple in this salad, the rice vinegar allows the apple to thrive and is major on the tastebuds. Take a look.

Apple Salad

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