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Diverse Dinners Does Boston

I thought this weekend would be one where I would need to take shelter from the adverse weather conditions,  but thankfully, hurricane Joaquin is not a direct threat to the US. Sadly, it has hit parts of the Bahamas, and my thoughts are with those struggling to cope with the hurricane’s effects.  

The weather at the beginning of the week was great – sun-filled days in the seventies. But as the week moved along the temperature dropped and the sun was replaced with cloud and rain.

Unfortunately, I had to travel to Boston as the weather turned. I took the Delta Shuttle from La Guardia to Logan, and oh my, that was a bumpy ride.  The flight crew warned us that we would have to stay in our seats for the entire flight and asked that we use the bathroom before we take off rather than during the flight. The flight attendant, sped down the aisle and offered us bagels, but who could eat?! We took of, everything was good at first until we hit turbulence. I prayed a little and squeezed my eyes shut and didn’t open Blog Life Week 40them again until we were safely on the ground.

I was so glad to be on the ground that I felt compelled to take a pic to celebrate and share. You will notice that its difficult
to determine where the sky ends and the ground starts. Our flight did a great job in landing our plane in Boston safely.

My flight wasn’t too bad compared to others I spoke with some who were on a flight where passengers started to scream once they hit turbulence. Another group were almost on ground until their landing was aborted. Their plane was caught in the jet stream of another plane which had already landed. This caused the wings of their plane to dip rapidly, first on the left, then on the right. Yikes!

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Blog Life Week 39

People are always asking me “why do you use kosher salt?” Or “what’s the difference between Himalayan pink salt and sea salt?” Or “why do you use those fancy salts – just to be different?”

Salt is one of a few vital ingredients in cooking, and we have such a variety available to us that I thought it would be good to share my preferred cooking salts with you. I’m not what you’d call a ‘salt whisperer’ as such, I just like what I like. But if you’re looking to experiment with salts maybe this post might provide some guidance.

Blog Life Week 39



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Blog Life Week 36

It is so sad to see folks in Dominica struggle to get back on their feet after tropical Storm Erika. The storm damaged the infrastructure of the island. Roads and bridges were devastated, people lost their homes, and sadly others lost their lives.  Both my mother and father are from Dominica, and its a place I call home too, so I’m doing my best to help from afar by contributing to relief efforts. If you can help too that would be great. Click here to see the GoFundMe sites endorsed by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Blog life week 36


Blog Life Week 35

Let me preface this post by declaring that I am exhausted! I have attended so many events, parties and dinners this summer.

New York winters can be brutal as you know, so I make sure to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer during the warm months. The sun has really played its part this year, New York has had so many beautiful days and warm breezy evenings, so it has been a pleasure to saunter around the city having a bite here and a drink there, shaking my hips to the beat over there and socializing with folks here and there.Read More

Blog Life Week 32

This week was less blog life and more cute chubby mouse on a wheel. No new experiences, no lessons learned, but I did find solace in some music. I downloaded a couple oldies by Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and Wishing on a Star;  a rather haunting song by Lapsley – Falling Short; and finally, Jill Scott’s new album, Woman. My favorite song on the album right now is Can’t Wait. Anyone know the sampled backing track? I’ve googled the heck out of it and searched the producer’s Twitter and Instagram pages but to no avail. It’s driving me nuts! I know it, I can almost sing, I just need the opening line. Please help ease my pain.

Blog Life Week 32


Blog Life Week 31

It was so good to get back into the kitchen, testing and creating recipes after a busy schedule traveling and having fun.

The kitchen is where I belong, it really is. I tested my brie stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers, some tequila based cocktails and a very nice miso marinade. I cooked, and I cooked, and I cooked. I love my blog life. Recipes to come.

Last Sunday afternoon I joined my niece to support and check out our fellow Harlem creatives and entrepreneurs:

Vivrant Beauty, a new store on 220 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, where you can find hair care, skin care and cosmetics.

Sugar Hill Market, a curated designer market featuring original products from harlem locals. Check out their Instagram page where they feature the creators of this local fare and updates on when the market returns to Harlem at Maison d’art, 259 West 132nd lifeblog life - week 31

I was tempted to buy some artisanal jam from Albane at Crosstown Sweets and a mug from Jonathan Castro, of Jonathan Castro Designs, but I spent all of my money on my fav lip care line Elo Lip Care, with no regrets I must add. Timothy George, the owner/creator makes a really good product. I have bought so many lip balms and scrubs from Elo Lip Care for my friends and family and they are all in love with his products.Read More