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Blog Life

I have been unable to share recipes recently. I’ve been so very busy, so I thought I should share what’s been going on with me. My blog life.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and activities. I’ve been having a great time. I’ve attended some cool parties, spent a few days in Mexico and then, the BlogHer conference. Such fun, many drinks and great meals.

Mexico was very nice, four days in the sun, can’t complain. I stayed in the Azul Sensatori, one in a group of Karisma hotels in Riviera Maya. Azul Sensatori is a beautifully laid out hotel with a whole host of amenities for the young and old. An all-inclusive resort with everything you need including premium liquor and really good food.

Blog Life

This was my first meal at the resort, pork belly with tropical salsa. I’m not really a fan of all-inclusive hotels, as IPork Belly Azul Sensatori have been disappointed one too many times with the quality of food and drinks available. But the Karisma staff pride themselves on their gourmet menus, and I was truly impressed.

The vegetables served throughout all of the hotels are home-grown, by Karisma. So my lunchtime meals consisted of salads and/or veggies and a small portion of meat or fish. My ideal diet, particularly in hot sunny climates.

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