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Coconut Oatmeal

I love oatmeal but sadly it doesn’t love me so much. A bowl of oatmeal gives me major heartburn, it’s so frustrating. It doesn’t matter what base I use to make my oatmeal – water, milk, almond milk, after every bowl I get that familiar burning in my chest, it sucks. To find relief I have to chug down antacids, otherwise hours pass before I get relief. Hence today’s recipe, coconut oatmeal. It is 1 part oats to 1 part dried coconut chips, and a saving grace to my digestive system.

Coconut Oatmeal by Diverse Dinners


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Fruit Tart

Imagine you and your partner reading the paper, or a book, or magazine on your handheld devices, sipping your favorite hot beverages and sinking your teeth into flaky pastry topped with fresh fruit. What a great way to start the day – right? Today’s recipe is a simple fruit tart, it’s ideal for an easy morning that doesn’t require much movement for an hour our two. It takes very little effort to make, and I’m certain it will be a regular feature when you have the luxury of time.

No need to panic about the pastry, I didn’t make it from scratch. I just bought a packet of pre-made frozen puff pastry. All I had to do was defrost as directed. So easy.


Fruit Tart by Diverse Dinners

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Apple Avocado Smoothie

In an effort to eat more healthily I plan on starting my days with a healing or energy giving breakfast. It’s a smart way to start the day. Yesterday I started the day with an apple avocado smoothie. Yum! It is a thoroughly delightful smoothie that will put a pep in your step once consumed. Every ingredient provides healing qualities and together may help to keep symptoms of cardiovascular disease in check. What could be better?

Apple Avocado Smoothie by Diverse Dinners


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