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Pancetta Brie Honey Croissants

There are those late mornings when nothing else will do other than a buttery pastry filled with cured meat and cheese and today’s recipe is just that. Pancetta Brie Honey Croissants – pure yum!

Each croissant is filled with cooked pancetta, a slab of brie and topped with a slice of honeycomb. Pure yum!  Or did I say that already?


Pancetta Brie Honey Croissants by Diverse Dinners

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Bistro Burger

The bistro burger is a chunky succulent burger, topped with thick slices of brie and lashings of thyme scented caramelized onions. You will have to put your calorie counting aside to enjoy this one, and I recommend that you do, because it’s epic.

I really think this burger might have the ability to place #1 in my burger lab series and reign supreme as my ultimate burger.

Bistro Burger by Diverse Dinners

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