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Baileys Mochaccino Mousse

It’s Valentines Day! A day when you indulge in food, flowers and cocktails. Oh, and love!

It’s important to get things right when planning a valentines celebration. If you’re looking to peak your loved-one’s desires with food, start with a favorite, move on to something indulgent, then finish with today’s wonderful recipe, Baileys mochaccino mousse.

Baileys mochaccino mousse is a dessert with dense chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee, a creamy finish, light on the tongue, and finally topped with what your loved one desires.


Baileys Mochaccino Mousse by Diverse Dinners

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Sea Salt Caramel Doughnuts

I have many friends who enjoy a little indulgence during the holidays, but would prefer their indulgence came in the form of bite-size treats to avoid calorie overload. So I thought I should create a sweet treat to cater to that desire. Sea salt caramel doughnuts are a simple treat. They are so yummy, sticky, and indulgent. You’ll love them, and they will go over really well during the holidays.


Sea Salt Caramel Doughnuts by Diverse Dinners

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Port Poached Pears

Port poached pears are such a treat and a great end to a holiday dinner. If you’re planning a heavy complex holiday dinner, perhaps you would like a simple desert that looks beautiful but requires very little effort. Port poached pears deliver in that regard, they look impressive and pack a tasty punch, and so easy to create. Another bonus is that you can make these port poached pears a day in advance and serve them hot or cold, all you need to do is decide when to serve. 


Port Poached Pears by Diverse Dinners

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