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Organic Elderflower Presse Martini

It’s cocktail hour!

It’s Saturday night and I’m feeling alright, but that could be because I’ve taste tested an organic elderflower presse martini or two.

In my opinion, elderflower was born to cocktail addition, it blends so well with liquor and brings out or intensifies the flavors of your preferred vodka and gin. Today’s cocktail is gin based and real simple. One part gin, one part extra-dry vermouth, and two parts Belvoir sparkling organic elderflower presse. What’s wonderful about this drink is that it is completely organic. So if you are very nutrition conscious the organic elderflower presse martini will work for you, and if your not – hey, who cares! I am not terribly nutrition conscious, mostly due to the pressure organic foods puts on my purse strings. Although, Birke Baehr, a very young aspiring organic farmer says we should do what we can to eat locally grown organic foods and bear the cost now and “pay the farmer instead of the hospital” – a sobering thought, so I will try to do better. Try my organic elderflower presse martini, it’s good for you…. thin line, I agree.


Organic Elderflower Presse Martini

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