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Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger

A food blogger needs discipline. There’s much to do every day to make a food blog a success. A plan is necessary, a program of some sort to build audience. A food blogger has to keep at it, regularly, to see the fruits of their labor. My blog has really helped me conquer some of my issues with discipline, but I still have much to do. Hence today’s post – Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger.

Discipline has never been my strong suit, I think that’s why I prefer to cook savory foods rather than sweet. Most great meat or vegetable dishes do not require precise measuring of ingredients, but desserts are a much different animal, the slightest adaptation to a recipe can render your dish a failure. Check out my attempt at mini cheesecakes.

Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger by Diverse Dinners

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Blog Life Week 45

I look forward to the NYC Marathon every year, I have a birds eye view as the route goes by my apartment. Preparation for the NYC Marathon starts early every year on the Sunday morning of the marathon, if I don’t get enough rest the night before then it’s tough cheese for me. Tables are strategically placed for volunteers to hand out water and bananas, and throngs of people come to take their place to cheer on their family and friends, and well just anyone who is taking part.

Here’s three of the front runners surrounded by cameramen and police – isn’t this awesome?!

NYC Marathon 2015 (seven)


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