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Bacon Cheddar Dip

I know there are many of you trying your best to shed a few pounds to get yourself swimsuit ready. But there are times when you have to take a day off, and when that day comes, that cheat day, whatever you eat has to be worth the calories – am I right? Of course I am! Bacon cheddar dip is it. The snack of all snacks, high in calories but absolutely great on the tongue, and if you’re really going for it and ignoring all calorie boundaries, serve them up with kettle chips and savor every bite.

Bacon Cheddar Dip by Diverse Dinners

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Tamarind Chicken Wings

Game day just isn’t game day without chicken wings. But if you try this recipe, be careful, they may distract your guests from the game. Tamarind chicken wings are the best. Their tasty crispiness runs a very close second to the sticky awesomeness of the slightly spicy tamarind sauce. You and your guests will be licking lips and fingers as you take chunks out of these bad boys.

Tamarind Chicken Wings by Diverse Dinners

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