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Mango Ginger Lemonade

Warm days and warm nights call for my mango ginger lemonade. A rich and subtly sweet lemonade with a ginger kick.

Mango Ginger Lemonade

I made some on Memorial Day for my family and friends, some requested a little spike and others preferred to have it plain as is. For some spike, I’d suggest adding either vodka or a white rum. Vodka will just add the kick you need, but as white rum is mostly sugar cane based it will add another dimension to the lemonade, really round out the flavor.

I used champagne mangoes which are also called Atualfo mangoes in Mexico, or honey or baby mangoes. They are small kidney shaped with golden yellow skins and velvety flesh and have an intensely sweet taste when ripe. The pit in the middle of the fruit is flat, so it’s easier to cut and extract the flesh. If you need help on how to slice or dice a mango click here.

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