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Oxtail Soup

You either need a pressure cooker, or lots of time…

Oxtail soup, a dish that can take years to truly master, as there are so many versions of this one dish.  Dependent upon culture and cooking influences oxtail soup can mean many things, and encompass many flavors.  The recipe I’m sharing with you today, is a bent on the traditional Caribbean style oxtail soup. Split pea, scotch bonnet and root veg or “hard food”, as some Jamaican call it. Oh, and lots, and lots of time.

I recommend that you buy your oxtail from a butcher, and have them trim as much of the fat as they can.  The butcher will slice the oxtail up for you, so ask them to slice the oxtail into 1 inch thick pieces and half the larger pieces.  Also, before starting out with this recipe, make sure to wash the oxtail thoroughly, with lemon, lime or distilled vinegar.  You need to rid the meat of any bone dust that was left behind after cutting.

As I’ve mentioned, you need time to make this wonderful oxtail soup, but it is so worth it. So set aside one Saturday afternoon and make it oxtail soup day!

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