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Jerk Pork Chops

The clocks went forward in NY early this morning and I’ve got that spring feeling! So, to promote warmer climes I decided to pull out my grill pan and cook some jerk pork chops. I love me some jerk pork chops – grilled and sizzling.  So now that March has arrived I pray the snow in NY will melt away and the weather will open up to warmer sunnier days so that we can kick start grilling season!

Now cooking jerked meat in a grill pan in your kitchen is ill-advised, you really need to grill jerk meat in a well ventilated area – the fumes from the spices can really catch you in the throat. So if like me, you live in a city with chilly temperatures you should cook your pork chops in the oven or save this recipe for when its warmer. I love the seared meat taste with jerk seasonings so I refused to wait for warmer weather and toughed it out like a trojan, coughing and cooking in my kitchen…No pain, no gain!

Jerk pork is a spicy meat treat which can be added to almost anything, rice, potatoes, veggies, you name it. I plan on featuring my jerk pork chops in some tacos tomorrow, as this dish will taste just as good a day or two later. I will slice, reheat and place in flour tortillas and top with crispy lettuce – yum!

Jerk meat is a veritable sensation of the senses, if you enjoy spicy food this is your dish.

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