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Apple Crumble

I think apple crumble was the first thing I cooked in high school.  I had a class called Home Economics, where we were taught not only how to cook, but how to run a home. Very provincial – right? Nonetheless, I was taught well. My apple crumble is a thing of beauty. This baby will melt in your mouth, but not before alerting all your other senses to take note and enjoy!

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So I’m British, born and bred in England and live in NY. So sometimes I yearn for something quintessentially British – bangers and mash, fish and chips, and today its Scones! Scones with plump raisins slathered with butter paired with a cup of extra strong Marks and Spencer’s Gold Tea…. Heaven.

Unfortunately, the scones I described aren’t always easy to find. New Yorkers enjoy chocolate chip scones and cinnamon scones drizzled with frosting, which are fine, but they’re just not British. So to appease my scones jones, I decided to make them myself.

It has been years since I’ve baked these fun treats, so I was excited to get them in the oven so that I could sit in front of the TV and savor their crumbliness. I will continue to hone this recipe, perhaps add buttermilk next time.  

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