Will you be the grill master this July 4th? If yes, try my bison rib eye with avocado dip. Add it to your menu and serve something different.

I have wanted to try bison for some time, so when I stumbled across it while shopping online for food at Freshdirect I decided to buy some and give it a whirl. I wasn’t entirely sure bison would be for me, I thought it would taste fiercely gamey and possibly tough on the palate, but I was wrong. Yes, bison does have a gamey taste, but its subtle, and so long as you don’t overcook it, you will experience a texture much like beef.

I prefer to buy meats that are naturally raised, which can be costly and a little difficult to find at times. So I was pleased to learn that bison is mostly raised in ranches, grass fed, without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and not too much of a strain on my finances. Note that I mentioned that most ranches provide bison that is grass fed without hormones or antibiotics, but not all, so if naturally reared meats or sustainability are important to you, do a little research to make sure the bison rib eye you buy is sourced from a ranch that adheres to regulations and industry standards. 

Bison is a great alternative to beef; a bison rib eye has considerably less fat than a beef rib eye and is a breeze to cook. I grilled my bison rib eye on moderate heat.

Bison Rib Eye

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