If you offered me Albacore Tuna Sashimi with Ponzu 18 months ago, I would’ve screwed my face up and stormed out of sight.  But now I’m open to it, and many of its variations, so long as it is paired with avocado and plied with complementing flavors.  It’s confirmed, I’m a sashimi philistine!  Luckily, there are restaurants that provide for raw food philistines like me, by creating food less traditional and somewhat culturally diverse. One of my favs is Katana. A robata and sushi bar in West Hollywood, LA.  My dear friend Elisabeth Troy, singer/extraordinaire, introduced me to this restaurant. Great food, good wine and stellar a mbience and a very extensive sake list. But remember, I’m a philistine so the sake list was wasted on me. This wonderful eatery and bar, where the beautiful people eat, served up a plethora of exciting dishes, raw and cooked, and as I left the restaurant I experienced a yearning feeling, wondering when I would be able to return.  

I haven’t returned as yet, but I have recreated and adapted their sashimi many times. Which is today’s recipe.  You will need great quality fresh albacore tuna, at least one inch thick and a very sharp knife to cut your tuna into thin strips.

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