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Steak and Eggs

Steak and eggs, a self-indulgent brunch, which in my view should be preceded or followed by a brisk run, but a great meal nonetheless. I have only been eating steak and eggs for the past say, 5 years. Its not a meal that was offered that much in London. The English are more drawn to the regular bacon and eggs, but with baked beans. Yes, baked beans! Yum. I used to add butter to my baked beans and some slivers of yellow onion, but I digress. I promise to feature a typically British “brekkie” some time soon.

As I mentioned, steak and eggs isn’t a meal I was brought up on, but I do enjoy it once in a while, when its made well – a choice cut of steak being primary. For my recipe today I used antibiotic free local harvest Angus sirloin steak – a fabulous piece of meat, tender and juicy. There are many that would go for a piece of skirt steak when making steak and eggs, but I really feel sirloin melds way better with eggs than skirt. Its a slightly denser cut of meat but still has the ability to melt in your mouth, so long as you buy a decent cut of meat. I must have ketchup with my steak and eggs, but is never enough for me just on its own I have to have my chimichurri sauce made with fresh parsley and garlic. I slice a piece of meat, dip it in the chimichurri sauce, then dip it in the ketchup then load up the fork with eggs – ayyyy!

You may be wondering what the chips piled on top of my steak and eggs are. They’re taro chips very thinly sliced using a mandolin and fried in a deep fryer for only a minute. Taro is known for its health benefits such as lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, improving digestion and circulation, protecting the skin and boosting vision health and, is purported to combat certain cancers and can even be used to draw out carcinogenic toxins when made into a plaster. A pretty impressive root vegetable – right? I grew up on Taro, or as my mother would call it, dasheen. My mother used to boil it and then mash it up with some milk and a little butter and give it to me when I was a baby #myfirstmeal! I don’t have any recipes featuring taro right now, but I promise to rectify that. Taros deserve a recipe.

So back to my steak and eggs. Give it a try. Make it as a celebratory brunch, a date brunch with a worthy fellow or gal, or just because, you’ll love it.

Steak and Eggs

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