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Apple Parsnip Soup

For a holiday dinner, a bowl of soup is always a good idea as the first course. That’s why I decided to share my recipe for apple parsnip soup. It’s a great opener to a meal, and a delight as part of a holiday meal.

Apple parsnip soup is a subtle soup with lots of texture which rates high on the comfort factor. A small bowl is all you need to serve to open up your guests’ appetites, which should get them a little excited and ready for everything else you have on the menu.


Apple Parsnip Soup by Diverse Dinners

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Smoked Turkey Bean Soup

Today’s recipe is a wholesome and rustic smoked turkey bean soup. I enjoy this soup on an early Saturday evening, and so do my friends, when they time their visits right.

This is a simple soup, with only a little work soaking the pinto beans overnight. Once the beans are soaked, smoked turkey bean soup is a one pot meal that requires the addition of just a few vital ingredients and a couple of hours simmering.


Smoked Turkey Bean Soup by Diverse Dinners

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Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

If you’re experiencing chilly nights, like here in New York, you deserve this soup – Asian chicken noodle soup. It’s tremendously flavorful, nutritious, and satisfying. My friend and I had two bowls each, it’s just too difficult to be restrained once you know this soup is around.

This soup makes for a great lunchtime special too. It’s not too heavy, so you won’t find yourself in need of a nap by 3pm. Unless of course you overdo it, just like my friend and I did, by returning for another bowl.

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

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Spicy Swordfish Soup

When you’re looking for a simple meal for you and the family but need something satisfying and nutritious, try my spicy swordfish soup.

Spicy Swordfish Soup

This spicy swordfish soup is a perfect summertime meal. It’s light so you avoid that carb induced daze, and it’s very tasty with a subtle kick which you can control by adding more or less chili. Your family will thank you for giving them a satisfying meal providing fuel and energy to carry on with their day. 

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Oxtail Soup

You either need a pressure cooker, or lots of time…

Oxtail soup, a dish that can take years to truly master, as there are so many versions of this one dish.  Dependent upon culture and cooking influences oxtail soup can mean many things, and encompass many flavors.  The recipe I’m sharing with you today, is a bent on the traditional Caribbean style oxtail soup. Split pea, scotch bonnet and root veg or “hard food”, as some Jamaican call it. Oh, and lots, and lots of time.

I recommend that you buy your oxtail from a butcher, and have them trim as much of the fat as they can.  The butcher will slice the oxtail up for you, so ask them to slice the oxtail into 1 inch thick pieces and half the larger pieces.  Also, before starting out with this recipe, make sure to wash the oxtail thoroughly, with lemon, lime or distilled vinegar.  You need to rid the meat of any bone dust that was left behind after cutting.

As I’ve mentioned, you need time to make this wonderful oxtail soup, but it is so worth it. So set aside one Saturday afternoon and make it oxtail soup day!

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Chicken and Kale Soup

Kale has been described as “the world’s healthiest food”.  I can’t confirm that is, but it certainly makes you feel good when you eat it.  It feels like you’re giving your body the nourishment its needs to get you through the day.  My chicken and kale soup will certainly do that – fat free, delicious and nutritious!

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