If you’re on the East Coast you have likely been affected in some way by winter storm Jonas, many are calling it Snowmaggedon 2016. You have been warned of the possible dangers of traveling and like the majority have decided to stay home and watch the snow fall and wait for it to pass, relying solely on their snow storm survival kit.

I woke up early this morning, I wanted to see what outside looked like after a night of snow and strong winds. Here’s how the streets looked in Harlem.

Snow Storm Survival Kit

The results of the storm were not too crazy in Harlem first thing this morning, thank goodness. Although the strong gusts made it tough to walk, even to cross the street. As you can see, my neighbor is taking her time to cross the street carefully.  I tried to walk up a few blocks to capture a more dramatic shot of the storm, but it was impossible. Well, not impossible, but I certainly wasn’t going to fight against wind and snow and risk falling on my butt, or worse my camera, for a good shot. I’m a food blogger not a reporter!  

Snow Storm Survival KitThis not so happy chap shoveling the snow is doing his best to clear the snow outside a bodega. I stopped to greet him and wished him a good morning. He was not in good spirits, I can only hope he’s being paid handsomely for this work.

I retreated back to my apartment/ivory tower and made myself a mochaccino. I sipped on my hot creamy beverage while I captured what was going on in the streets – not much.

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