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Okra Fried Rice

I don’t think I’ve ever had a family holiday dinner without a spoonful or two of rice. Luckily, it’s not always the same rice dish, my mother would always mix it up and give us something interesting. So today’s dish is an homage to my mother’s family meals – okra fried rice. It’s so tasty, with fresh vegetables, pancetta, shallots, garlic and a teeny kick from some cayenne pepper.


Okra Fried Rice by Diverse Dinners

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Triple Tomato Salad

Good fresh tomatoes can stand on their own. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you have a tomato for dinner, but how about this simple triple tomato salad as the accompaniment to a tasty protein. I really love tomatoes, beefsteak, cherry, grape, heirloom, so long as they are fresh and tasty, I’m in. Imagine this triple tomato salad, with miso marinated salmon or spicy crusted cod, it would be flippin fantastic.

Triple Tomato Salad by Diverse Dinners

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Classic Bruschetta

Bruschetta – one of my favorite foods.  I’ve had bruschetta in Rome, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London, New York, LA, Belgium; I can go on.  But let me tell you, my favorite place to eat bruschetta, the place where bruschetta tastes the best, will always be at home. Test my theory, freshly made bruschetta, with your favorite tomatoes and olive oil – no one can do it better for you, trust me.  

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Italian Country Chicken

Have your butcher chop you up a chicken and make this delightful family dish.  It’s a palate satisfier, which craves accompaniments such as bread and wine.  I put it together with some quinoa, and I’m very pleased to say its a keeper.  This Italian country chicken splendor will definitely be one of my go to meals when I have a crowd visiting.

I’m also pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to Saba!  I encountered saba in one of the best grocery stores in Harlem – Fairway.  The store had bowls of oils and vinegar and there was bread for dipping, so my curiosity was instantly peaked.  I dipped a piece of ciabatta into one of the fresh new bowls of saba the store attendant had just brought out (safety first) and a new love was born.  Saba is good in sauces, dressings, and naked on bread.  It packs a big punch – try it, you’ll love it!

Italian Country Chicken



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