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Seared Tuna on Rice Cakes

I have a brand new recipe to share with you today, seared tuna on rice cakes.

It’s always nice to serve your guests something interesting for the holidays, something that they wouldn’t ordinarily make for themselves. But creating a recipe such as this often poses a conundrum. Creating something new and interesting, requires more effort than usual and can feel a little daunting.

Seared tuna on rice cakes solves that conundrum. You essentially need to create three separate items, rice cakes, ginger slaw, and of course, seared tuna, then pile them on top of each other – easy!


Seared Tuna on Rice Cakes by Diverse Dinners

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Tuna and Kale Quiche

Today’s recipe is a quick and easy, a have anytime dish – tuna and kale quiche. I’ve made this quiche so many times; I think I’ve made it close to ten times in the last three months. My friends love it, they start to hover over it as soon as I remove it from the oven. It’s great anytime, so it doesn’t really last very long. 

Tuna and Kale Quiche by Diverse Dinners


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