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Single Valentine

This year’s Valentine’s Day fortuitously falls on a Sunday. I’m sure restauranteurs are clapping their hands at the opportunity to not only earn money hand over fist from couples celebrating Valentine’s Day over a fabulous dinner, but also a further opportunity to do the same for brunch, and take single folk’s money too. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is great. I think having a day to celebrate your love is wonderful, even if your love is no one else but you – a single valentine.

Single Valentine

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Don’t Cook this Valentines – Make Love!

Happy Valentines!

If you’re still wondering how to make your valentines evening special, I say don’t cook – make love! Food can be an important part of a relationship, so for this valentines why not create a cheese and meats melange and celebrate your evening with the one you love sharing from the same plate. Hang up your apron and instead create a wonderful platter of your favorite cheese and charcuterie, add some bread and crackers, fruits, jams, honey, mustard, nuts – whatever floats your boat.  All you’ll need to add is your favorite wine and chocolates for later… Have fun.

 Cheese and Meats