About MeHi, welcome to Diverse Dinners. My name is Viella, a self-taught cook with a lot of recipes to share.

I started cooking at the age of 8, mostly dishes and drinks for my family, until I found the confidence to handle dinners. As I grew older I developed my skills and found the confidence to put my own spin on my Mother’s recipes.

My family shows their love in the kitchen so I became quite adept at making food that looked as good as it tastes. My love is tasty, often wholesome and good-looking!

I grew up in London but New York is my home now. Both cities have very diverse food cultures, so I enjoy creating recipes that pair ingredients from far flung places. I feel at home in the kitchen, and the only place I am as comfortable, strangely, is in the arrivals terminal in a new city. I enjoy meeting new people and eating foods from around the globe and I use those experiences to guide me in my kitchen.

If you decide to try one of my recipes, or have a cool twist on something I have created, drop me a line and let me know.

Thanks so much for visiting Diverse Dinners.


Viella Bardouille | [email protected]