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Diverse Dinners Does the West Coast

I love the west coast, the weather, the culture, the food. Every time I visit I get a better feel for what life is like there, but I have a lot more to experience. Look out for part two of Diverse Dinners does the west coast in the not too distant future.

During my most recent visits, I explored San Francisco, LA and San Diego. 


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Fun Times in the Fall

So what the heck is Diverse Dinners up to? Well, I’ve been having fun times in the fall!

But I’m guilt-ridden, as I imagine you, my wonderful readers, are disappointed with my recent absence.

I dreamt the other night, that a new popular hashtag had been created – #wheresdiversedinnersat?! The hashtag was created by my readers who are up on the current culture vibe. My readers who could care less about pop culture had created the hashtag #wheretheheckisdiversedinners. Both were trending – then I woke up!

For those of you who have felt neglected, I’m so sorry. Life has truly got in the way the past few months, resulting in some very quiet time here at Diverse Dinners. 

What’s been great about my time away from my blog is that my silence wasn’t a waste. I’ve been traveling, visiting some of my favorite places and adding new ones to the list.

So, as a steadfast mea culpa, I will share my travels with you. I’ve had a great time, it has been nothing but truly fun times in the fall and I hope my travel experiences entice you to travel somewhere fun soon.


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Dinner by the River in New York City

We still have great weather in New York, and as long as the weather is good, I will take the opportunity to have dinner by the river. If you live in New York or plan to be in New York any time soon, here’s my top three places to eat, that you might want to visit, if you’re in the mood for dinner by the river in New York City.

1. Industry Kitchen

Address: 70 South St, New York, NY 10005


Dinner at South Street Seaport is a lot of fun. I especially enjoy having lunch or dinner there when I have a party to attend at Pier 15. I line my stomach, while I enjoy the view – perfect.

Dinner by the River in New York City - Industry Kitchen by Diverse Dinners

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Harlem EatUp 2016

I had a lot of fun today at Harlem EatUp 2016 a four-day food festival in Harlem. The kick-off provided the community with the opportunity to dine at local restaurants and enjoy meals prepared by the executive chef in concert with celebrity chefs. I wasn’t quick enough to nab a ticket to one of the many dinners – they went like hotcakes! But I didn’t let the disappointment consume me, I just waited patiently for the weekend, and took part in the all-day event on Sunday aptly named “The Sunday Stroll”

It was so good to hob nob with celebrity chefs and innovators in the food industry, and I am pleased to confirm that I met Cory Nieves of the famed Mr. Cory’s Cookies – check him out!

Harlem EatUp 2016 by Diverse Dinners

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Jamaica No Problem

Winter and spring has been grim for me, mostly due to the fact that I was unable to travel. January to April was a very busy time which has kept me tied to NY during the worst weather months. Needless to say, I was eager to grab an opportunity to get out of dodge. I booked a trip to Montego Bay and within two weeks, I heard the welcome phrase “Jamaica no problem”, and was basking in the Caribbean sea, and enjoying views such as this.

Jamaica No Problem by Diverse Dinners

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Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger

A food blogger needs discipline. There’s much to do every day to make a food blog a success. A plan is necessary, a program of some sort to build audience. A food blogger has to keep at it, regularly, to see the fruits of their labor. My blog has really helped me conquer some of my issues with discipline, but I still have much to do. Hence today’s post – Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger.

Discipline has never been my strong suit, I think that’s why I prefer to cook savory foods rather than sweet. Most great meat or vegetable dishes do not require precise measuring of ingredients, but desserts are a much different animal, the slightest adaptation to a recipe can render your dish a failure. Check out my attempt at mini cheesecakes.

Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger by Diverse Dinners

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Single Valentine

This year’s Valentine’s Day fortuitously falls on a Sunday. I’m sure restauranteurs are clapping their hands at the opportunity to not only earn money hand over fist from couples celebrating Valentine’s Day over a fabulous dinner, but also a further opportunity to do the same for brunch, and take single folk’s money too. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is great. I think having a day to celebrate your love is wonderful, even if your love is no one else but you – a single valentine.

Single Valentine

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Snow Storm Survival Kit

If you’re on the East Coast you have likely been affected in some way by winter storm Jonas, many are calling it Snowmaggedon 2016. You have been warned of the possible dangers of traveling and like the majority have decided to stay home and watch the snow fall and wait for it to pass, relying solely on their snow storm survival kit.

I woke up early this morning, I wanted to see what outside looked like after a night of snow and strong winds. Here’s how the streets looked in Harlem.

Snow Storm Survival Kit

The results of the storm were not too crazy in Harlem first thing this morning, thank goodness. Although the strong gusts made it tough to walk, even to cross the street. As you can see, my neighbor is taking her time to cross the street carefully.  I tried to walk up a few blocks to capture a more dramatic shot of the storm, but it was impossible. Well, not impossible, but I certainly wasn’t going to fight against wind and snow and risk falling on my butt, or worse my camera, for a good shot. I’m a food blogger not a reporter!  

Snow Storm Survival KitThis not so happy chap shoveling the snow is doing his best to clear the snow outside a bodega. I stopped to greet him and wished him a good morning. He was not in good spirits, I can only hope he’s being paid handsomely for this work.

I retreated back to my apartment/ivory tower and made myself a mochaccino. I sipped on my hot creamy beverage while I captured what was going on in the streets – not much.

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