I’m back! Did you notice that I was gone?! Diverse Dinners was on a hiatus.

I have been indulging in my other passion, traveling, and boy did I have a blast. I celebrated my birthday on the islands of St. Martin, St. Barths and Anguilla. I stayed in a villa in the French side of St. Martin in Terres Basses, here’s the view from the living room.

St Martin

I usually take time out to peel away from everyone and everything on my birthday to regroup, but this year I invited my family to join me. It was a milestone birthday so I wanted to look forward and celebrate my achievements with those who care for me most, those who believe I can do anything. Check us out.


There I am at the head of the table, with my very attractive family, awaiting a spectacular dinner created by Fabulous Feasts. This pic is aces three generations represented here – grandmother; daughters/aunts; granddaughters/nieces; and husbands. Sadly, my brothers couldn’t make it, but they were with us in spirit and via WhatsApp and text.

Food is always a focus for my family, we like to eat and we like to eat well. Fabulous Feasts created some wonderful meals for us. They would come to the villa and in 45 minutes serve us up warm rolls, freshly baked croissants, fresh squeezed juice, and a myriad of brunch fare. It was such a treat to have someone create food for us while we read by the pool or gathered ourselves and thoughts for the day. The scent of pineapple toast, chicken brochettes and guava juice wafting, igniting our senses.

Here’s Thomas from Fabulous Feasts creating some uber-fluffy mango pancakes. 

Fabulous Feasts

Whenever we ventured out to taste what the islands had to offer we were always pleased with their offerings. Dreams Beach Bar in Nettle Bay, St Martin has a very extensive menu, with at least six daily specials. I decided on the stewed snapper fillet in Thai broth – wow!


While in St Barths we visited Nikki Beach. Check out this mahi mahi with pureed sweet potato and champagne sauce.

Mahi Mahi

Our final meal, before we left for the airport, was served up by Sylvan at Fabulous Feasts, his quiche lorraine is truly enviable, egg and cheese whipped beyond anything I have tasted before, I wish I had a pic of it, but we inhaled it as soon as it arrived on the table. Here’s the talented Sylvan proudly posing before he serves.

Fabulous Feasts

A week on three idyllic islands. It will always be a trip to remember, we truly made some memories.

St Martin

Till we meet again dear islands…