I’m writing this post on a Saturday afternoon while sipping on a Cold Pressed Green Juice Cocktail. The sun is beaming outside but it’s bitterly cold out there – brrrr! I’m grateful for this Cocktail, a tasty green juice laced with a hearty shot of Mezcal. It’s delicious.

Cold Pressed Green Juice Cocktail by Diverse Dinners

The green juice is a combination of cabbage, spinach, kale, cucumber and apple. It’s wonderfully refreshing and adding a shot of Mezcal creates a marvelous libation that will likely have you crying out for more, and perhaps a little more.

A Cold Pressed Green Juice Cocktail will really hit the spot during brunch no matter the weather. This recipe makes enough for four, but you can easily serve it for two or even just one person. For one person, make it first thing in the morning and Just drink half and then during brunch, at the appropriate time, serve up two cocktails with just two shots of Mezcal, one at a time.

Cold Pressed Green Juice Cocktail by Diverse Dinners

The inspiration for this Cold Pressed Green Juice Cocktail came from my first visit to Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. Gracias Madre is a plant-based restaurant with a very interesting menu. However, I was there for their extensive Mezcal list. They have a whole wall filled with bottles of the stuff, it’s amazing. I ordered a flight of Mezcal and it came with a side of green juice. Right then and there, I was sold on the idea of a green juice cocktail.

They have a wall filled with Tequila too. I highly recommend visiting Gracias Madre, I believe there are three locations, West Hollywood, Newport Beach and San Francisco. Go give the place a try.

If you are unable to get to one of Gracias Madre’s locations, give this recipe a try. It won’t get you to West Hollywood or any of the other locations, but it will put you in a really lovely place. Enjoy, and drink responsibly.

Cold Pressed Green Juice Cocktail

Prep Time20 minutes
Total Time20 minutes


  • 4 cups white cabbage diced
  • 3 packed cup spinach chopped
  • 3 packed cup kale chopped
  • 4 cup granny smith apples diced
  • 2-3 cucumbers
  • 4 x 2 oz shots Mezcal


  • Juice veggies and apples using a cold press juicer, alternate ingredients to avoid clogging the juicer
  • Skim the froth from the top of the juice and discard.
  • Mix juice vigorously, divide into four glasses, top with a shot of Mezcal, stir and serve.