Are you in need of an energy boost?  Well try this chicken liver and bacon recipe, it certainly put a pep in my step.

Chicken liver is a great source of iron, but unfortunately very high in cholesterol, so I only eat it when I’m feeling low. When I find myself falling asleep on the sofa during the middle of the day after very little exertion, with no energy to get into something interesting.

I was recently diagnosed as anemic, so my primary care doctor recommended that I take iron supplements. She suggested I take ferrous gluconate. Now I’m delicate flower, my constitution and equilibrium can be sent off kilter very easily, and boy did ferrous gluconate do a number on me. I will not share the symptoms, I will just say this – Yikes!

Once the ferrous gluconate had left my system I went in search of an alternative. I ran straight to my local Whole Foods for advice. I needed something gentler on the stomach and with less side effects. The kind sales assistant suggested a liquid supplement, apparently they are kinder to the body, I gambled on PlantForce Liquid Iron by Gaia, and it was a safe bet. This baby works a treat, and to my astonishment tastes kinda nice. So if like me, you suffer with a lack of iron, and have a delicate constitution, give PlantForce Liquid Iron a try.

There are still times though, when I need a further injection of iron to pull me off the sofa, hence today’s post. We all know that liver is a great source of iron, one piece of liver provides just under 6 mg of iron. Women between the ages of 19-50 should consume 18 mg of iron daily, and women over 50 require less as years pass, between 18 mg-8 mg daily, dependent upon health. Men only need to consume 8 mg daily regardless of age, so long as they are healthy. So you can’t beat chicken liver, or any kind of liver, if you’re in need of iron and help getting off that sofa!

This chicken liver and bacon recipe is an appetizer. The liver is wrapped in bacon and served with a lip-smacking tomato dipping sauce. So its a great way to make sure your family and friends are getting their iron too. 

Liver and Bacon

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