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Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass is a marvelous fish, its a treat yourself to something nice fish, a celebration of a meal fish, and maybe even an impress your date, boss or mother fish. If you plan on making this a celebratory meal I think you should pair it with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a French Chardonnay, you’ll need a robust character of a wine to complement this meal.

I’ve been experimenting with dried ingredients recently, so I purchased a tub of dried porcini and added them to this dish.  They pack a real nutty punch, and they do a good job on complementing the Chilean sea bass. No need to go crazy and add too many flavors, salt, scallions, rice wine vinegar and a little garlic is all that is required.  You can serve with some wilted spinach or if carbs are desired, some steamed rice or sautéed potatoes.

As you can see I included a generous amount of sauce, your fish will be swimming in nuttiness and look how pretty it looks…

Chilean Sea Bass

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