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Shrimp Rice Noodles

This is an ode to Wayne – someone I did wrong!

I’m sure you’re wondering what my ode to Wayne has to do with shrimp rice noodles – well it’s a convoluted issue. I’ll explain.

As I have mentioned in my about me page, I have been cooking for very many years for my family and friends, so there are dishes that I create that have become fan favorites, and there are specific members of my family who just love everything I create.  Well Wayne is the latter, he gets excited about everything that comes out of my kitchen – bless him.

So Wayne is vexed, he assumed when I started my blog he would be #1 taster, go-to-guy with a fork.  Alas, that has not been the case.  Creating my blog has been a labor of love, developing recipes to share, thinking of something pithy to write for each post and of course a smashing pic, and I’ve found that the best process is to do this alone and to take my time, lots of time, with an old movie playing in the background.  So Wayne hasn’t had the opportunity to become Diverse Dinners’ trusted taster, which has resulted in his vexed state and often grumpy demeanor. I thought his testiness was due to him being tired, he works really hard.

Cut to today’s shrimp rice noodles.  

Shrimp Rice Noodles

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