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Dill & Blackberry Vodka Cocktail – Dillicious!

Try this dill & blackberry vodka cocktail with fresh herbs, cucumber and lime.

I’ve always longed to be a mixologist. In my 20s I used to hang out in bars, my brother insisted I go to, and marvel at the head bartenders and mixologists as they did their thing. In the back of my mind I thought, hey I can do that! So here’s my first published creation. I call her “Dillicious”. She’s everything I think a cocktail should be – strong, refreshing, interesting and made with fresh ingredients. Although laced with vodka dill and blackberries are packed full with anti-oxidants and cucumber is 90% water, so the cleansing abilities are limitless – lol. No seriously, cocktails should be well balanced, just as we require our meals to be. Reject your high sugar, juiced filled cocktails and embrace a more refined aperitif!

Vodka Cocktail

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