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Cucumber Salmon Salad

Is it spring yet! I hope it is where you are. New York is still quite cold, although beautifully sunny, which inspired me to share my recipe for Cucumber Salmon Salad with you.

Cucumber Salmon Salad is delicious. It’s a great brunch dish and ideal for those who do not eat eggs or meat. Serve with a pitcher of sangria and a smile.


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Ginger Cucumber Apple Detox Juice

On my quest for a more disciplined life, I’ve injected a twice weekly detox juice into my diet. A juice that helps release the toxins from my body and also work on my wavering digestive system. Strangely, this juice derived from a request from my friend Trevor, for a ginger cucumber juice with pimento. He wanted me to make him a sweet and spicy concoction with a mound of sugar. Don’t worry I resisted, I just couldn’t create a sickly sweet drink and hail it as a juice that provides benefit to the body. So here’s what I ended up with, a ginger cucumber apple detox juice. It is exactly what I need, a gloriously tasty juice that aids the body, hopefully Trevor will love it too.

Ginger Cucumber Apple Detox Juice by Diverse Dinners

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Cucumber Smoked Salmon Lollipops

Cucumber smoked salmon lollipops – something different for a dinner party, something beautiful for your guests to feast their eyes on while you continue to prepare a sensational meal or mix cocktails. Cucumber smoked salmon lollipops are so easy to make and an absolute delight in the mouth. Raw ingredients, which adds very little to your calorie intake and a great alternative to a basic salad – you must make these. 

Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Lollipops

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Dill & Blackberry Vodka Cocktail – Dillicious!

Try this dill & blackberry vodka cocktail with fresh herbs, cucumber and lime.

I’ve always longed to be a mixologist. In my 20s I used to hang out in bars, my brother insisted I go to, and marvel at the head bartenders and mixologists as they did their thing. In the back of my mind I thought, hey I can do that! So here’s my first published creation. I call her “Dillicious”. She’s everything I think a cocktail should be – strong, refreshing, interesting and made with fresh ingredients. Although laced with vodka dill and blackberries are packed full with anti-oxidants and cucumber is 90% water, so the cleansing abilities are limitless – lol. No seriously, cocktails should be well balanced, just as we require our meals to be. Reject your high sugar, juiced filled cocktails and embrace a more refined aperitif!

Vodka Cocktail

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