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Fun Times in the Fall

So what the heck is Diverse Dinners up to? Well, I’ve been having fun times in the fall!

But I’m guilt-ridden, as I imagine you, my wonderful readers, are disappointed with my recent absence.

I dreamt the other night, that a new popular hashtag had been created – #wheresdiversedinnersat?! The hashtag was created by my readers who are up on the current culture vibe. My readers who could care less about pop culture had created the hashtag #wheretheheckisdiversedinners. Both were trending – then I woke up!

For those of you who have felt neglected, I’m so sorry. Life has truly got in the way the past few months, resulting in some very quiet time here at Diverse Dinners. 

What’s been great about my time away from my blog is that my silence wasn’t a waste. I’ve been traveling, visiting some of my favorite places and adding new ones to the list.

So, as a steadfast mea culpa, I will share my travels with you. I’ve had a great time, it has been nothing but truly fun times in the fall and I hope my travel experiences entice you to travel somewhere fun soon.


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Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger

A food blogger needs discipline. There’s much to do every day to make a food blog a success. A plan is necessary, a program of some sort to build audience. A food blogger has to keep at it, regularly, to see the fruits of their labor. My blog has really helped me conquer some of my issues with discipline, but I still have much to do. Hence today’s post – Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger.

Discipline has never been my strong suit, I think that’s why I prefer to cook savory foods rather than sweet. Most great meat or vegetable dishes do not require precise measuring of ingredients, but desserts are a much different animal, the slightest adaptation to a recipe can render your dish a failure. Check out my attempt at mini cheesecakes.

Disciplined Journey to Accomplished Food Blogger by Diverse Dinners

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A Taste of Harlem

The holiday season had me tied to the kitchen and my laptop. I had a wonderful time, experimenting with ingredients and reviving old recipes so that I could share them with you. Now I need to get out and see what New York City restaurants’ winter menus have to offer. Hopefully I’ll get some inspiration to develop a recipe or two.

I didn’t venture very far this week, I decided to check out what was new in Harlem – a taste of Harlem, so I visited three newly opened restaurants:

  1. Sexy Taco Dirty Cash, 161 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10026
  2. Row House, 2128 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026
  3. Chaiwali, 274 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10027

All three opened their doors for business recently in the last couple of months.

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Blog Life Week 45

I look forward to the NYC Marathon every year, I have a birds eye view as the route goes by my apartment. Preparation for the NYC Marathon starts early every year on the Sunday morning of the marathon, if I don’t get enough rest the night before then it’s tough cheese for me. Tables are strategically placed for volunteers to hand out water and bananas, and throngs of people come to take their place to cheer on their family and friends, and well just anyone who is taking part.

Here’s three of the front runners surrounded by cameramen and police – isn’t this awesome?!

NYC Marathon 2015 (seven)


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